Why Do We Like Deals, Bargains and Freebies?

Everyone loves a good deal. We cannot help telling everybody about the amazing bargain we got. We smile when we get something for free. It almost seems like our happiness hangs on it. When there is a great sale we don’t mind waiting in line for hours, something which we hate to do otherwise.

Why do we like sales so much? Why do we want to pay as little as possible for something? Why are we so happy when we get a good deal?

There may be several reasons for that. For one it shows our basic nature, the desire to get. We want to receive as much as possible and to give as little as possible. It can also show how smart and wise we are in stretching our money. Many of us may have a tight budget and it is not easy to survive on it. Beside the retailers have such a good margin that we are often overpaying for the item. If they are able to cut the price by 50% it shows how much profit they are making. It is true that sometimes they sell at a loss just to get rid of an item. However most of the time they do make excellent profits.

Another aspect is that once we start looking for deals and freebies we can become addicted to them. We know there are excellent offers out there and we do not want to miss them. These offers are often time limited and we would not forgive ourselves should we miss one we really like. Beside it is so easy now to find them online. Deals websites abound and it’s just a matter of picking a few we feel provide the best ones. We then find ourselves checking those websites daily, sometimes several times a day, because the postings occur at different times. It almost looks like we are checking the winning numbers for the lottery.

There is no doubt that we save money through those deals, and quite substantially too. There is nothing wrong to get a good deal or bargain.

However we need to also give and to share after we receive. It’s good to be frugal and not to waste money, but we cannot be cheap. It may appear paradoxical how a frugal person could be a giving person. One of the most remarkable person I know is a doctor who is known as being frugal but is very generous to others. Often times parents would sacrifice in order to give to their children. They will not buy that nice expensive jacket for themselves but will buy it for their son or daughter.

Every time we save we should use part of that to help others. After all it’s a good feeling to see a smile on someone’s face. Isn’t that what we want at the end of the day?