A Free Product Pouch From Caeran


Caeran, a Caring And Environmentally Responsible And Nurturing organization, is offering a free sample of their products.

Caeran manufactures environmentally safe household cleaners, shampoo and conditioner, body wash and lotions, personal care products and fragrance free face care products.

These products are free from phosphates, nitrates, petrochemicals, paraben and fluorescent whitening agents.

So if you are eco-friendly and do not wish to pollute the earth, Caeran products might be just for you.

There is a postage fee of $0.85 per pouch request. The Offer ID is WEB-SOP08.
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Coldplay Free Download – Thin White Duke Remix of Vida La Vida

Download the Thin White Duke mix of Vida La Vida from Coldplay for FREE.


Coldplay is offering this free download of Thin White Duke remix version of their Viva La Vida as a christmas present for the incredible support they got from their fans this year.

This free download of Coldplay expires on January 5, 2009.

Click to download Thin White Duke remix version of their Viva La Vida for free.

Click play-button to watch the video clip of Coldplay in action.

Free Pedometer

You can receive a FREE pedometer by signing up for free information on weight-loss surgery.

pedometer-1Bariatrics4Diabetes will help you explore the option of weight-loss surgery.

The free pedometer might actually help you lose weight without surgery.

Click to sign up for the free pedometer.

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Air 3.0L Humidifying Air Purifier on Sale

The Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Air 3.0L Humidifying Air Purifier is on Sale at Sears for $239.99. The normal price is $399.99. You save $100.


Sharp Plasmacluster air purifiers are known for their excellent performance. It is believed that the humidifying action helps to purify the air better.

So if you are looking for one, now is the time to grab it before the sale is over.

Click to order the Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Air 3.0L Humidifying Air Purifier.

American Eagle Outfitters – 20% Off + Free Shipping

For today only, Christmas Dec 25, American Eagle Outfitters is offering Free Shipping plus 20% Discount.


Use promotional code 94561372. This is for online order only.

American Eagle Outfitters is also having a Clearance Sale with discount up to 70%. We are not sure if it is possible to combine both discounts together. If it works, you would have almost 90% discount.


If you missed the Christmas promotion at least you can still get the clearance sale.

Click on the iconcanada-iconfor more information.
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Are There Good Deals in Boxing Day?

We check the Boxing Day flyers and there was no gasp of Wow! The items are discounted but they are not super discounted. The discounts are within the normal range. It appears that retailers are simply using the Boxing Day event to increase their sales without providing deep discounts.

Would consumers fall for that? Won’t they notice they have been duped?

Most consumers would not notice any thing. They believe the deals on Boxing Day have to be genuine and they are only interested to be the first to make the purchase. It’s BUY BUY time. There’s no time to think things over or to analyze the prices. The important thing is to be in the line first. Just buy before someone else takes it.

We are not saying there are no deals. A few might be heavily discounted but most are not. Is it worth waiting for hours in the icy cold weather to be able to buy those items? The answer is NO!

We believe the prices after Boxing Day will still be low. Retailers want to get rid of their stocks as much as possible. Of course the choices are now narrower, but still you can get a good bargain without having to wake up at 4.00 a.m and to be stressed up.

A lot of items which are discounted are getting outdated. They have to be sold at cheaper prices sooner or later.

So before you jump in the fray, ask yourself, is that a really good discount? If not, don’t bother.

Be smart consumers. Don’t let Boxing Day overpower you and make you box somebody because he got the item before you.