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Talk to any financial advisor and he would tell you that without a budget you will not be able to manage your personal finance properly.

A budget software makes budgeting very easy and helps to keep track of your expenses.

You can download iBudget, a budget software, which runs on Excel spreadsheet. So you need to have Excel to be able to use it.


It is very simple to use. It will help us track our expenses and take corrective active before we get into financial trouble.

All we have to do is to enter in our expenses (receipts, bills ..) daily or once in a week and our income. Once we decide how much we want to spend for each items it will keep track of our finance and inform us when we are offtrack.

For most of us iBudget will be more than enough. We do not want a complicated software and spend too much time on it.

Click on the icon world-icon to download iBudget software.

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I am bookmarking this website in order not to miss a deadline!

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