Free Box Of Kashi Cereal!

free kashi cereal

Request a Free Box of Kashi Cereal.

Remember the challenge by Laurie Timmins that he would eat the card box packaging if the majority were unhappy with the Kashi Granola bar? Luckily for him he didn’t have to do that.

The Kashi cereals  definitely do not taste like card box. They are somewhat more expensive that other cereals but they are good.

So get your FREE box of Kashi cereal!
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Hayao Miyazaki Anime Movies on Sale!

spirited awayhowl's_moving_castle

Hayao Miyazaki Anime Movies are on Sale at Amazon at almost half the price.

Japanese anime are so popular now a day and addictive too.

Spirited Away was the first non-English language film to win an Oscar for best animated feature in 2002.

If you are interested in Japanese anime, now is the time to get them cheap.
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lancome promotion

Purchase any Lancome products for $34 or more and you will receive gifts worth $137.

How can that be possible? It doesn’t make sense.

It can only mean, the products are way overpriced. It is also true, the promotion is to entice you to buy more.

But then we don’t have a choice. Cosmetic prices are generally high.

Or we can stop using them.

We might be thinking too far.
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Yves Rocher Top Deals – Pick 8 & Get 40% – 50% Off

yves rocher 50 off

Choose 8 of your favorites Yves Rocher products and pay only 50% for the first 3 and 60% for the other 5 products..

That’s not a bad deal!  If you like any Yves Rocher products this is the time to stock them.

You also got to pick up a Free gift and maybe 2, if your order reaches $45.

There is a review on the Transat Eau de Toilette for man by Patty Therre and if that doesn’t get a man to buy it then nothing will.

Maybe you should give it a try and see if it is true or not.
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Free Persimmon Tea

persimmon tea

Request a FREE sample of Persimmon tea.

What is Persimmon tea actually? How good is Persimmon tea?

Persimmon is a a fruit from a genus of trees of the ebony wood family. Eating a Persimmon a day is said to be better at preventing heart disease than eating an Apple.

Chinese have used its leaves to make a herbal tea and researched its health promoting properties for ages.

They believe that Persimmons tea regulates the Ch’i which is kind of like the life force.

Persimmon Tea contains Flavone glucosides, Rutin, Vitamin C, Isoflavones, and Polyphenols.

To find out for yourself try the Natural Persimmon Tea for Free.
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Two Free Large ShamWow Towels


Who hasn’t seen the commercials on Shamwow by Vince Schlomi? They are pretty impressive!

You almost reached out for the phone to order and then stopped. It might just be another infomercial scam.

Well you can find out now if Shamwow is really as good as the commercial says it is.

Avonia Blue is offering 2 Free large ShamWow towels.

Give them a try. If they are no good, just dump them in the garbage.

Vince, you are so good that even without a tongue your commercial would be effective.
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Free Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers


We never ask ourselves if a baby enjoys the diaper he wears. We assume he does since he does not cry. But does he really?

Try the Free Pure & Natural sample diapers from Huggies. We do not mean you, we mean the baby. But it’s not a bad idea to try it on yourself to see how it feels. The problem is that it will probably not fit. Not sure what’s the largest sample available.
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Free Fancy Feast Appetizer

fancy feast appetizer

The Fancy Feast Appetizer looks so appetizing that you want to eat it even though it is a cat food.

After all it’s the taste and nutrition which are important. Who cares about the packaging?

Request a a Free sample and if you like it you can start eating it ( just get rid of the packaging before anybody sees it).

And if you don’t like it, give it to the cat.

What is good for the cat is good for me.
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