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taylor swift mp3

I saw Taylor Swift for the first time on Oprah TV show and she was offering her guitar to a small girl.

I listened to a few of her songs and found she has a mesmerizing voice.

Hard to believe she released her first album at 16 years old.

I browsed online to find more of her songs.

Unfortunately they cannot be downloaded for Free.

Websites which offer Taylor Swift MP3 for Free often have a catch.

You have to give them your cellphone number and then you will be charged when you receive their calls.

Be very careful that you don’t get ripped!

The best thing is to download them at for 0.99 cent each or the album for about $9.

Taylor Swift songs are a pleasure to listen to.


There is one site which does allow a free download of Taylor Swift song, Fifteen. I tried it, it works.

You do not have to include your cellphone number and you can put whatever zip code (e.g 12345).

So enjoy the free Taylor Swift MP3!

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