Food Donation – Share A Little Comfort with Kraft

share a little comfort kraft

Do you know you can help feed someone by simply clicking on a button?

Kraft Foods is willing to donate a Free box of Macaroni and Cheese to Feeding America every time someone clicks on the button for donation.

Join in and help to share a little comfort to so many who are hungry and without food.

We would even suggest that you not only click on the button but you would also buy a box and donate it to a food bank.

It would cost us less than a dollar and we would make two persons less hungry and happier instead of one.

Let us be generous and not click only the Donate button but buy also one of the box of Kraft Mac and Cheese and make a food donation.

We love Deals and Discounts and we have been getting a lot of them. Let’s share some of them with others.

Kraft Foods is helping a little bit regardless its motive. We can too by really giving something.

Let’s share a little comfort!

Click on the icon icon to share a little comfort.

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