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Would you like to receive Free Gift cards every month?

This month we are giving Free Gift Cards for the persons who can determine which posting received the most hit since Deals went online.

The Free Giveaways will be Amazon Gift cards.

We are willing to give 5 hints to help you find it.

Just click on the icons below to get your hints.

If you think you have found the answer, simply post a comment on that particular posting, letting us know why you think this posting got the highest hit.

We will be giving the second hint next week.

You can submit one answer every day.

At the beginning of  November, we will pick the winners.

The person who submitted the correct answer first win the Free Amazon Gift card.

The second winner will be the one who gives the best reason according to us why this posting got the highest hit.

Enjoy those Free Giveaways and free gift cards give you the freedom to purchase what you want at, which carry a large selection of items.

We are not sure how you are going to find the correct answer with only one hint.

But you can try. Perhaps your first guess might be correct. You have nothing to lose.

Browse the posts by categories.

Post every day and you increase your chance of winning the free gift card.

Click on the icon icon to get your 1st hint.

Click on the icon icon for your 2nd hint.

Click on the icon icon for your 3rd hint.

Click on the icon icon for your 4th hint.

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