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Sometimes we wonder what are the so called celebrity perfumes? What do celebrity wear as fragrances?

We want to have the same scent as they do. For some reason we trust their choices and believe if we smell like them we would become more attractive and popular.

Yes celebrities do not wear any kind of perfume. They are extremely picky and will pay whatever it costs to smell the best.

Some make their own brands. Do they wear it themselves? This is a good question.

However they will never accept a scent they don’t like as it may also damage their reputation. So chances are great that you will get a good perfume, at least approved by them.

Under no circumstances should we use cheap perfumes. Cheap fragrances or perfumes are not the same. They certainly don’t last long.

The best is to buy genuine perfumes at discounted prices. You get the real thing without breaking the bank.

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