Outerwear Sale at Carthartt Clothing


If you are looking for warm comfortable clothes there’s an Outerwear Sale at Carhartt Clothing.

Winter is coming and it’s nice to feel warm, dry and cozy.

It’s important to get good clothes, which have good insulating properties. Not all outerwear clothes are the same.

The outerwear at Carhartt Clothing are made of special material.

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For example, the WindWall fabric is a proprietary wind-resistant fleece from The North Face.

WindWall utilizes a unique fabric-bonding process that allows a limited degree of external air permeability, thereby drastically reducing the effects of wind chill and enhancing the user’s warmth and comfort.

There are WindWall 1 fabric, which has a mesh liner and WindWall 2 fabric, which has a grid fleece liner for even greater insulation.

What is TKA Fleece?

TKA,Thermal Kinetic Advancement, Fleece are proprietary fabrics created by The North Face with superior insulation and wear-resistance.

TKA 100 is a lightweight, high-performance microfiber fleece with a luxurious finish.

TKA micro-fleece provides warmth next to the skin or in a layering system and is engineered to be both durable and resistant to pilling.

It offers warmth when wet, launders well, compresses to a small size, and packs easily.

There are also TKA 200 and TKA 300, which are just different in weight.

The TKA Superstretch features a supple, four-way-stretch fabric that delivers exceptional breathability and comfort and may be worn by itself as an aerobic outer layer.

So if you are properly dressed, winter should be fun.

Enjoy the cross country skiing, snow shoeing, snow boarding, jogging, sledding or skating.

So enjoy the Sale at Carhartt Clothing.

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