Take up to $100 Off Orders at SZUL – Cyber Monday Coupons


Szul is offering great discounts on all its jewelry items for Cyber Monday.

You can take up to $100 OFF on your purchase if it reaches or exceeds $400.

You can get jewelry as from $19 on Cyber Monday.

The price for the Classic Diamond Heart Pendant in 10K White Gold has been reduced to $48 from $395.

The 1.50 Carat Created Ruby and Diamond Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver costs only $28 instead of $195.

The 1.00 Carat Natural Blue Topaz Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver will cost you only $32 instead of $229.

Just browse through those jewelry and chances are you are going to have problems to pick up the one you like most.

Most probably you might purchase several as the prices are so cheap.

SZUL ships worldwide. Shipping is FREE for a limited time for USA.

Check carefully when you place your order if the free shipping offer is still valid or not.

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One thought on “Take up to $100 Off Orders at SZUL – Cyber Monday Coupons”

  1. I’ve purchased dozens of Amazon gift cards. Each and every one of them has been easy, arrived when promised, and with no issues redeeming them. I’ve not heard of anyone of my recipients not getting the email from Amazon. I sent one to my Sister who didn’t realize it was a gift certificate and just deleted the email, but she got a reminder email that she did open and realized what she had done. Once the recipient gets it, they can IMMEDIATELY add it to their Amazon.com account – no need to wait until they actual purchase something. That way, there is little worry about the person losing the email/claim code.

    People need to be smart about it and realize it is just like any other gift card they receive. Very few companies actually replace lost gift cards – whether it is an online store or a physical store. So don’t expect it to be replaced if the person loses it – that is not Amazon’s responsibility. Granted, it would be nice if they could just de-activate the old claim number and issue a new one – it would negate the possibility of the lost gift certificate being used after a new one is given. But that’s not something I’ve ever had to worry about.

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