Free Book – Small Business IT For Dummies


There is a FREE Book – Small Business IT For Dummies, you can request from Dell.

You can also download it.

A few comments about those books for Dummies.

If you have too many of those books, people would eventually believe you are a dummy. It’s best to hide them somewhere and not to display them on your shelves

Initially the Book for Dummies was written in such a way so that the most stupid person can read it and understand. This is not the case anymore.

They are becoming more and more complicated that after reading them, you feel more depressed, wondering if there’s any hope for a dummy like you, who cannot even understand a book written for dummies.

The problem does not lie in dummies but in the authors of the books. It seems, everyone can write books for dummies now.

The solution of course is to train the writers on how to properly write books for dummies.

We need a book on “How to write books for Dummies”. The book will be considered a success when a dummy can write a book for dummies after reading it.

So do not despair if you still cannot not understand after reading a book for dummy.

Perhaps you are not a dummy. That’s why, you cannot understand it.

Click for the Free Book – Small Business IT For Dummies.

This offer is INTERNATIONAL and applies WORLDWIDE.

PeachPit (Pearson Education)

Is the offer expired? sad face

We are sorry about that.

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