Free Bible Library & Reference Guide

If you study the bible, you might be interested in getting the free Bible Library & Reference Guide.

The software makes it easy to search for a certain passage, look up your favorite verse, then cross-reference it with your preferred commentaries or look up its meaning in one of the specialized dictionaries.

It comes with 10 different Bible texts, 13 Commentary texts, plus three different Lexicons and Dictionaries.

This software CD also includes a full set of Daily Devotionals

There is a USD$2.96 shipping & processing charge.

You will be sent 2 other software to try and if you return them within the evaluation period, you will not be charged .

Be careful to cancel your participation in the program or you will be sent a new set every 7 weeks. Of course if you like them, you don’t need to cancel.

For more information on the conditions.

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This offer is for residents of USA, Canada and also applies Worldwide.

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