Free Vogue Bag For Vogue Magazine Subscription


The May issue of Vogue features Sarah Jessica Parker and if you subscribe to the Vogue magazine, you will receive that particular issue and also a free Vogue bag.

The annual subscription is only $15, a Vogue bag probably costs more than that.

So if you don’t care about Jessica Parker or the Vogue magazine but would like the Vogue bag, simply subscribe to the magazine.
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Free $25 Restaurant Gift Certificates

Select restaurants are offering free $25 gift certificates in Toronto and GTA.

When you request it, they will email it to you. You need to print it out.

There is a minimum amount for food purchase, usually $100.

The gift certificate expires May 12.

So if you are planning to eat outside with your family, those restaurant gift certificates are a great way to save.

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Chinese Canadian Heritage Festival


Enjoy the Chinese Canadian Heritage Festival, a free event which is taking place at the Harbourfront centre, Toronto on May 14, 2010 at 6:30pm.

It commemorates the Last Spike which was driven in 1885 to complete the transcontinental railway

The festival will include an exhibit of oral histories, photo-exhibit, paintings, films, writers’ readings, music and online showcase of Chinese Canadian artists.

There will be free refreshments.
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Reward Zone Bonus Day At Best Buy


Best Buy is having the Reward Zone Bonus Day between April 27 – 29, 2010.

You can $25 or more in reward certificates when you purchase for $100 or more.

Become a Best Buy zone member if you are not.

It’s free to sign up and you will earn reward points every time you make a purchase there.
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Two Free Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Lightbulbs


Sign up with Energy Efficient Now to participate in The Free Lightbulb Initiative and receive two free Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Lightbulbs.

These low-consumption lightbulbs are environmentally friendly, using only 25% of the electricity consumed by incandescent lightbulbs.

Save the environment and save big money on your electrical bill at the same time

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Free T-Shirt & Free Sample Of True Lemon

Request a free sample of true lemon and also a free T-shirt.

True Lemon, True Lime, & True Orange are 100% natural.

These free fruit packets samples of crystallized citrus can be used for cooking as a great salt alternative, as part of a lemon recipe or to mix into drinks such as lemonade, lemon water, limeade, lime juice & orange juice.

Adding to drinking water will encourage increased water intake and decrease the need for artificially sweetened drinks.
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Get A Free Bracelet & Click To Give

Would you like to help others by providing food, shelter & education?

You can do that by clicking on ads on the hunger site. You know that every time you click on the ads, the site earns some money.

100% of the money from these advertisers goes to charity partners, who fund programs to provide food to the hungry.

Sign up below for The Hunger Site’s free reminder service, and they”ll give you a free Seek Peace Bracelet.

They will also give 2 cups of food to the hungry, if you are a brand-new registrant!
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