Silks Hosiery Fit Trials

If you love to wear hosiery, you might consider joining the Silks Hosiery Club and participate in fit trials.

You will receive free silks hosiery to test and try. They would be interested in your feedback.

You will also stay up to date on the latest fashions on hosiery.

If you are interested to participate in the hosiery fit trials, write an email to:

For more information

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This offer is for residents of USA & Canada.

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2 thoughts on “Silks Hosiery Fit Trials”

  1. Do you mean, log in to this website or to the Silks Hosiery Club?
    The fact that you commented on the site shows that you have been able to log in. You would normally have to register when you come on this site the first time. Then you will receive a password through your email. With it, you can log in as much as you want. Best thing is to save the log in name and password in your browser so that you don’t have to remember anything when you log in the next time.
    For the Silks Hosiery Club you enter your email to join in and you will receive update about their latest products. To participate in the Fit trials you would have to email them to let them you are interested.
    We hope we answered your question.

  2. how do I login?

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