Free Bottle Of V8 V-Fusion + Tea

There will be 1,000 12 oz. bottles of V8 V-Fusion + Tea offered Free each week on the V8 V-Fusion page on Facebook.

Once that quantity is reached each week, the offer will not be available until the next week.

You may also click on an ad featured on Facebook. Once clicked, the ad will expand, and ask you to input your address.

12,500 samples will be offered via the ad. Once this limit is reached, the ad will no longer be available.

Offer is available while supplies last, or until offer end date, whichever occurs first.

So if you are in Facebook, you could request a Free bottle of V8 V-fusion + Tea.

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50% Off At Irish Embassy Pub & Grill Today

If you live in Toronto, you might be interested to know tha the Irish Embassy Pub & Grill is offering a 50% discount on their food and drink today, July 27, 2010.

You pay $15 only and get $30 worth of homemade pub food, drinks and of course Irish hospitality.

Great opportunity to enjoy great food like the traditional Irish stew and their roasted Vegetable Salad, with Woolwich goat cheese.

You can buy this offer as a gift too.
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Free Sample Of Thermadrene

Request a Free sample of Thermadrene.

But what is Thermadrene?

Thermadrene contains a precise blend of powerful natural extracts including kola nut, green tea, and cayenne, along with cha-de-bugre and yerba mate.

It is designed to provide energy and help stimulate fat burning.

Thermogenesis is marked by an increase in metabolism, a rise in core body temperature, and an acceleration of calorie expenditure.

In short, you can burn fat more efficiently. Get stronger, be more alert, feel better than ever before.

So if you are interested to burn your fat, you might want to try the Thermadrene.

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Spread The Feeling With A Bear Hug

Share a hug online and Kraft will donate a jar of peanut butter to Canada’s local food banks.

You can also attend an event in your area and share a bear hug with the KRAFT Peanut Butter bears Crunchie and Smoothy.

The events will take place in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Edmonton.

So you will not benefit from this freebie but others more unfortunate will.

So give a warm HUG online.
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Free Sample Of Achooz

If you have runny hose, you should request a Free sample of Achooz.

Achooz is a tissue paper with a unique non-medicated formula to break down mucus and soothe the nose while wiping.

It includes saline, vitamin E and aloe and is available in fragrance free for everyday use and cool menthol for extra stuffy noses.

Try the Free Achooz and see if it’s help you better than regular tissue paper.

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Free WiFi At Second Cup

Second Cup is now offering Free WiFi Internet access in all its coffee shops across Canada.

Starbucks started to offer Free WiFi a couple of weeks ago as a means to attract more customers.

McDonald is offering Free WiFi in USA and is planning to offer it in Canada too.

Since the launch of iPads it appears that more and more Free WiFi internet access are sprouting all over the place.

That’s great for people on the go.
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Wallflowers Home Fragrance -Buy 1 Get 1 Free

You can buy a Bath & Body Wallpapers home fragrance and get another Free.

So if you use those pluggable fragrance diffuser set in your home, you could avail yourself of this offer and save some money.

Enter promo code FSH25 when checking out.

Offer expires Sunday, July 25, 2010.
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Free Subscription To National Post

If you have never read the National Post, you can subscribe to it for Free for 90 days.

After 90 days you can decide whether you want to keep reading ir or not.

The National Post is a great newspaper and you do glean a lot of good information.

The problem with most newspapers is that there are so much to read that you can spend quite a lot of time on them.

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Try Gano Excel Cafe Free!

If you want to try the Gano Excel coffee for Free, simply sign up and you will receive some samples of their amazing coffees shipped-out to you immediately.

Just a word of warning though… Once you experience the Enriched Difference of Gano products, there’s no turning back!

Experience The Evolution of Coffee!

Only a limited number of samples per-household can be shipped.
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