Free Sample Of Instant Black Chai Tea

Have you ever tasted Chai tea? Probably not, unless you are from India.

Request a Free sample of instant black Chai tea to try it.

Chai tea is different from regular tea and it has its own special taste. Usually milk is added to it.

Tipu’s Chai is offering Free samples of its Chai tea. They are made from the purest and freshest ingredients, without additives or preservatives.

They ship worldwide. When you place your order for the free sample, shipping will be normally free.

To request your Free sample of instant black Chai tea

Click iconicon for residents of USA, Canada and Worlwide.

If the offer is EXPIRED, click HEREsad face.

You can also request a Free magnet.

This offer applies Worldwide.

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3 thoughts on “Free Sample Of Instant Black Chai Tea”

  1. I wanted to alert you to my company’s chai tea giveaway. Details are at You can win an absolutely FREE 4 oz bag of Tipu’s Chai tea, an authentic Indian chai made from a third generation recipe originating in Gujarat, India. Tweet us if you think your followers might like some free chai too. Enjoy!

  2. Sorry Lyudmila Nasonova, but we do not ship Free samples. They are offered by companies which are promoting their products.
    You should click on the country icon and request the free sample.
    Please be aware that many samples are country related. If you are not resident of that country, they will not ship to you.
    Look for the WORLWIDE icon. You have a better chance of getting the free sample.

  3. Lyudmila Nasonova says:

    From you we have learned from ours friends. They to us have told a lot of good about you
    As I do not have constant access to the Internet, it is difficulte to me to find complete information on your

    Be so kind as send please promo materials (and samples) about your company.
    In advance many thanks.
    With impatience we wait the answer.

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