Free Chinese Silk Woven Handkerchief

If you would like to receive a Free Chinese Silk woven handkerchief, request a Free tour package brochure.

You will receive a kit with information on creating your own custom tour, important facts and information on China.

As a gift to you, a specially designed Chinese Silk woven handkerchief valued at $10 will be sent to you.

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Pick 3 Pens For Free!

You can choose 3 Pens – PaperMate, Uni-ball, Expo, Sharpie or LiquidPaper for FREE!.

Simply go through each of the items and pick the 3 you want to TEST DRIVE.

You will receive them after a few weeks.

These are really great Freebies!

And you get not 1, but 3 pens.
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Free Flower Cap

Rosso Designs is offering a Free flower cap if you register at their site.

It’s a nice cap but not for guys … well unless you don’t care what others think. Beside everything goes today.

Rosso Designs specialize in creating great decorations and floral designs at affordable price.

So you need to decorate your home or for a special event, you might consider their services.
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Free Hard Hat Keychain

Altamira Construction is giving away Free keychains.

The hard hat keychains are actually quite cute.

If you are in the construction business, having one of those keychains will definitely give a hint that you are a builder passionate.
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Try White Glo For Free!

Yes, try White Glo for Free.

You can request a Free kit of White Glo, which consists of White Glo professional toothpaste, a White Glo anti-stain toothbrush and a pack of flexible dental flosser toothpicks.

Every day the first 50 Australians to apply will receive the kit.

However residents from other countries are allowed to apply for the Free trial pack.

When we applied, we received confirmation that we will receive the Free White Glo kit in the next 3-12 working days and were given a promo code to immediately access an 10% discount on all White Glo product purchased through the website.

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Panda Express – Free Kobari Beef

If you love Chinese food, you will love this.

Panda Express is offering Free Kobari beef at participating locations on Wednesday, September 29, 2010.

This meal looks so delicious that you feel hungry just looking at it.

So download the coupon and go to a Panda Express restaurant to enjoy it on Wednesday.
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Ontario Science Centre Community Day – Free Admission

Telus is sponsoring the Ontario Science Centre Community Day on Saturday, September 25, 2010..

You will have Free Admission to the Ontario Science Centre.

Segway Science, The Science of Steel Pan, Cosmic Journeys, Science Magic, Drumming Circles are some of the things you can enjoy.

Great opportunity to have a fun-filled and educative day with your kids.
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Free Mailfinity Erasers

Mailfinity is offering a Free Eraser set.

Mailfinity has been posting several freebies in the past and we cannot help wondering if those freebies are real.

Should any of you receive any Mailfinity freebie, please let’s know.

We hope Mailfinity freebies are real.
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Coupon For A Free Whopper – Burger King

If you sign up for the Royal Customer program, you will receive a coupon for a Free Whopper with the purchase of a Whopper.

So it’s not completely free. You need to buy one to get one free. Still it’s not that bad.

If you love burgers, this is a great deal.

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NetFlix – 1 Month Free Trial

Netflix is offering 1 month Free Trial both is USA and Canada.

If you like it and decide to subscribe, it will cost $8.99 for USA and $7.99 for Canadians.

If not, you can cancel your subscription

What are going to happen to Blockbuster and other DVD rentals companies?

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Ladies Night At Mark’s Work Wearhouse

Mark’s Work Wearhouse is having its Ladies Night today, September 23, 2010 from 5 p.m till closing (11 p.m at some outlets).

You will enjoy a discount of 20% even on Sale items

If you spend $65, a $5 donation will be made to the Breast Cancer research.

So if you have time, you can drop by and have a look.
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Pizza Pizza – 2 Free Tickets To Toronto FC Soccer Game

Some Pizza Pizza are offering 2 Free tickets to the Toronto FC Soccer Game when you buy their pizza.

So if you love soccer, it’s a wonderful opportunity to go and watch the Toronto F.C play against San Jose Earthquakes this coming Saturday, 25 Sept. 2010.

Not all Pizza Pizza are participating in this offer, you would have to call them to find out.

One ticket to the game costs over $33. So buying a few dollars of pizza and getting $66 worth of tickets is not a bad deal at all.
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