Free Farmville T-Shirts

If you are a fan of Farmville, you might be able to get a Free Farmville T-shirt, I’d rather be farming or I’m a Farmville chick.

75,000 Farmville T-shirts will be giving away FREE on October 24th.

All you have to do is “LIKE” their page and invite all your FarmVille friends by clicking “Suggest to Friends” above.

Then select the design and size that you want. And you will be sent the T-shirt.

To request a Free Sample of Farmville T-Shirt

Click for US, Canadian, UK, Australian and worldwide residents.

We might be wrong on that as there is no exact indication which countries this offer applies to.

Please note that we do not supply the Free sample. We only publish the offer from the company.

If the offer is EXPIRED sad face, you might want to check this OFFER


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  1. love the farmville shirt but if expiered i am looking for either med or childs t shirt to fit 2,3,5 year olds i live where the new zealand earthquakes are and am trying to get pressies together

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