Free Sample Of Softcup

What is a Softcup? If you are a man, skip to the next freebie. It’s useless for you.

If you are a woman, you might be interested to try a Free Softcup instead of tampons or sanitary pads.

Give it a try and you might like it.
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Free Matrix Biolage

How about helping nature and receiving a Free Matrix Biolage product?

Say “Thank You” and leave a note, and Biolage will honor each “Thank You” with a $1 donation to The Conservation Fund’s efforts to create a greener, leafier planet.

Is that too hard for you to do?
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Free Mini Bundt Cake

Enjoy a Free mini bundt cake for two by joining Patron social club.

You must be over 18 to access the website.

You can choose between 2 delicious cakes. They do look appetizing.
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Free Sci Fi Events At Ontario Science Centre

If you are a student or are between 14 and 19 years old, you can go to the Sci Fri event at Ontario Science Centre for Free.

There are DJs spinning tunes, lounges for lounging, snacks to enjoy, plus stuff that you won’t find anywhere else.
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Ikea Free Breakfast

Ikea is offering Free Breakfasts between Friday, November 26 to Sunday, November 28, 2010.

Offer valid for one small breakfast (value 99¢) and one cup of coffee (value 99¢).

Note: This is for Ikea stores in USA.
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Free Beef Steak, Chicken Breast Or Pork Chop

Want to enjoy a Free Beef Steak, Chicken Breast Or Pork Chop?

You can but you have to cook it yourself.

Chambers Food Service is giving you the following choices:

Grade AAA Quality” Steak Cut + 1 lb. Lean Ground Beef.

Grade A Quality” Chicken Breast + 1 lb. Lean Ground Beef.

Grade A Quality” Canadian Pork Chop + a “Grade A Quality” Chicken Breast.

So you are actually getting 2 meat products Free!

No you cannot get all 3 combos. Pick one only.
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Starbucks Natural Fusions Vanilla Sample

Free Starbucks Natural Fusions Vanilla samples are available at Walmart.

If you have never tasted them, you should.

There’s no doubt that Starbucks’ products are somewhat special.

As the French put it, there’s a little touch of “je ne sais quoi …”, which means, a little of something I can put my finger on.

So try it and enjoy it.
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6 Painless Laser Hair Removal For $99 Only

If you want a smooth skin without hair and you hate shaving or waxing, then take hold of this opportunity to get 6 laser hair removal treatment for $99 only.

You save over $500.

And this laser hair removal treatment is painless. It uses Soprano XL, a continuous wave diode laser – the Gold Standard in hair removal, designed to do one thing and one thing only – permanently disable hair follicles from re-growing hair.

This is the most advanced and effective method available to permanently treat your unwanted hair

So enjoy the Great Discount for Laser Hair Treatment before the offer expires.
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Free Vaseline Intensive Rescue

Walmart is offering a Free sample of Vaseline Intensive Rescue cream.

If you are interested, send in your name and address and do a very quick survey on the body lotion you use.

If you have dry skin, the Vaseline Intensive Rescue may be good for you.
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Free Globe T-Shirt

Request a Free Globe T-shirt.

USE the CODE LMFAO and you will receive a Free T_shirt.

If you want to get a 50% discount, use the CODE GLBV5Y when you place an order.

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Free ESV Holy Bible For Kindle

If you read the Bible and have a Kindle, you might want to get a Free ESV Holy Bible.

Amazon is offering this Bible worth $9.99 for Free.

If you have never read the Bible, you might wonder what is in it.

Be careful, it can change your life.
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Free Sample Of Xyng Supplement

What is this Xyng supplement?

It is a blend of minerals and other nutrients. You can try it to see if you feel better.

We know it is very confusing with so many supplements on the market.

Is Xyng different? That’s the question.
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