Free Scott Phillips Novel – RUT

If you love to read, you can get a Free novel by Scott Phillips, RUT.

This is an offer from Concord Free Press.

They encourage giving and want you to give too.

Will you?
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Coffee Mate – Free Flavor Friday

Do you like Coffee-Mate?

Nestlé is giving away 100,000 coupons for a FREE bottle of COFFEE-MATE to try any of their delicious flavors.

Go on their Facebook on February 4th (Free Flavor Friday) starting at 9am PST and request your coupon for a Free Coffee Mate.

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Free Turbo Tax Return

Yes it”s the dreaded tax return time.

But if you are a State Farm customer, you can file your income tax returm using the Free TurboTax Basic or Deluxe Online.

If you are not, you can still do so using the TurboTax Free Federal Edition, which is a simple filer.
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Free Houghton Academy T-Shirt

If you’re serious about Houghton Academy, they’ll send you a Free Houghton Academy T-Shirt.

As soon as you complete and return the first three pages of your application along with your school transcript, you’ll receive a shirt as a thank-you gift.

Be sure to mention this offer when you send in your paperwork and which shirt you picked, and your size.

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Super Bowl – Free Papa John’s Pizza!

Start cheering for an overtime in Super Bowl XLV, Papa John’s Fans!

Papa John’s is giving away a FREE Large up to three topping Pizza to everyone in America registered for Papa Points if Super Bowl XLV goes into overtime.

Go online to papajohns’ to sign up today.

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Free Ticket for Baby’s First Circus

Baby circus? Do babies enjoy circus?

Find out by signing up for Ringling Bros and you will receive a ticket voucher, that can be exchanged for a Free Ticket to any Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey performance, anytime, anywhere with no expiration date.

You’ll also be able to print a very special commemerative certificate, that you can personalize with your baby’s name.

Prepare for a lifetime of fun with The Greatest Show On Earth with your baby.

Check the conditions.

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Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Haircare Routines

You can be one of the 250 Canadians to try the new L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise haircare routines.

Each weekday, a new routine will be revealed and 50 new winners will be chosen.

First LIKE the L’Oréal Facebook page and then participate in the contest.

You can enter daily to increase your chance to win one of 250 Hair Expertise hair routines.

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Free Yoplait Cup

Enjoy a Free Yoplait Cup.

You can either go to Yoplait Facebook and request one after LIKING it or you can directly request one below.

Offer expires May 31, 2011 or while supplies last.
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Jergens $2.50 Coupon – The Beautiful Difference

Try the Jergens – The beautiful difference online and get a coupon worth $2.50.

This online experience is interactive, informative and beautiful so everyone has the chance to learn what Jergens skincare has to offer.

If you don’t have time to try the Experience, you can still get a $1.50 coupon.
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Free Sample Of You.T

If you suffer frim urunary tract problem, you might want to try the Free Sample Of You-T.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are one of the most common bacterial infections out there, second only to the common cold.

You-T is made from cranberries and contains the necessary level of proanthocyanadins (PACs) to prevent bacteria from sticking to the bladder walls.

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Clairol 100,000 Free Product Giveaway

Between January 24-27, 2011, Clairol is offering up 100,000 Freebies to their fans.

So become Clairol fan by liking them on their Facebook page and you will get a coupon for a Free Clairol product.

Keep an eye on the date and don’t miss the Clairol 100,000 Free Product Giveaway.
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Free Covergirl Natureluxe Makeup

Get a Free Covergirl Natureluxe Makeup.

Walmart is offering the Free samples if you are willing to answer a few questions.

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