Free Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant

Univision is offering Free Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorants.

If you are interested, send in your name and address.

The form is in spanish. If you have difficulty in understanding, you can use Google translation or you can simply click HERE.
As for Spanish Americans, they won”t need that.

To request a Free Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant

Click for US residents.

This is a US freebie.

Please note that we do not supply the Free sample. We only publish the offer from the company.

If the offer is EXPIRED sad face, you might want to check the Freebies below

2 thoughts on “Free Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant”

  1. Hi Nataly,

    Thank you for your response. This offer is unfortunately for US residents (see US flag) and not for Canada.
    But you can get a coupon which will give you a discount of $1.
    Give it a try! It’s better than paying full price for the deodorant Dove Ultimate.


  2. I would really like to try your new deodorant Dove Ultimate. From one gereration to another, we have been using the Dove products.

    I think that your offer might be expired but i just saw is recently on a television commercial and i’ve been trying to buy it even since but i cant find it any where.

    Here’s my address in case you are able to find some samples:

    Many thanks,

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