Free Lipton Iced Tea Day Coupon

Who doesn’t love Iced Tea, especially in the hot summer time?

If you do, you might be able to enjoy a Free 100% Natural Lipton Iced Tea.

According to Lipton, everyday should be a National Iced Tea Day!

So it is giving away Free Lipton Iced Tea Day Coupons to help share the love of Iced Tea.

Sign up and get at least on of your friends to join you. You can do it through your Facebook or Twitter or by email.

When they respond to your request and enter their email just like you did, your free coupon will be unlocked and you can print it out.

You might get frustrated by the process because you have to wait for the recipient to respond. As long as the person does not enter their email to the promotion, you cannot access the coupon. This means, you have to check often time.

Just be patient. You will eventually get your coupon.

It would be great if Lipton would send the coupon to everyone who made the request regardless whether there’s a response or not because the result using the pyramidical scheme would be so overwhelming that it would be unable to fulfil all the requests and cause more frustration and disappointment.

Offer ends Wednesday, June 15th, 2011, 11:59p ET and coupon expires 9/30/11.

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