2013 Calendar Castello

Are you looking for a 2013 Calendar?

Subscribe to Blue Notes, Castello’s new, bi-monthly electronic newsletter featuring recipes using the various flavours of Castello Blue Cheese and receive a Free 2013 Castello Calendar.
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Free Glad Compostable Bag

Get a Free Glad Compostable Bag.

Yes the problem with most garbage bags are they are not compostable and pose an environmental concern.

Some municipalities are encouraging its residents to use compostable bags.

Will you participate?
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Yovia Free Miniature Flashlight

Yovia is giving away Free Miniature Flashlights.

Yovia is working on a program we call “Free Christmas”. These giveaways are brought to Yovia Contributors in part by sponsors.

You can choose to support a sponsor or not.
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Free Lewisham Film Initiative T-Shirt

Lewisham Film Initiative is giving away Free T-Shirts.

If you are interested, simply register and you will receive a Free Lewisham Film Initiative T-Shirt.
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Degree Women Expert Protection With MotionSense Deodorant Sample

Why don’t you try the Degree Women Expert Protection With MotionSense Deodorant Sample?

The Degree Women deodorant has 24 hour wetness and odour protection.

Their new motionSense technology releases motion activated bursts of freshness as you move. The more you move, the more it works.

Give it a try! The 1st 20,000 respondents will receive the samples.
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Free Refrigerator Magnet

The American Chemistry Council is offering a Free Refrigerator Magnet as well as information on Chlorine.

The 3″x5″ refrigerator magnet displays simple directions for disinfecting food contact surfaces.
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BeingGirl Survival Kit

BeingGirl.com is giving away Free Survival Kits to girls.

It consists of 3 unscented tampons, 2 ultra regular pads and 2 thin padliners.

If you are a US residents, LIKE their Facebook page and you will then receive a free kit.

Canadians on the other hand will get a pack of Always and Tampax products
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Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan?

Want to go to Japan for FREE?

You may have that opportunity soon. The Japan Tourism agency is trying to lure tourists back by offering 10,000 Free Round-Trip tickets to Japan.

If the proposal is approved by Japan government, a website will be opened to solicit applicants interested in the free tickets.

Watch out!
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P&G Brand Sampler 2011

The P&G October 2011 Brand Sampler is here!

Answer a few questions and depending on your answers you will receive your samples.

So answer wisely and you can get great samples.
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Free Fabreezy Sample

If you don’t like aggressive chemicals in your detergent, you may want to try the Free Fabreezy Sample.

Fabreezy does not contain strong harmful chemicals that is present in other detergents and is therefore not meant for tough stains.

Your clothes last longer, look better and stay clean.
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