Save Money Tip: Freeze Grapes

frozen grape

Grapes are delicious but quite expensive. When they are cheap, usually 0.99 cents/lb, you might be tempted to buy a lot.

The problem is that often they do not last very long (that’s why they are on sale). They start going bad in a couple of days and you end up wasting some if you purchased quite a lot. At the end, you haven’t really saved.

So how can you enjoy grapes leisurely,  that is, eating them when you want to and not having to worry that they are going to spoil soon? You probably guessed the answer already.

Yes, freeze them. As soon as you buy them, clean them well in water (several rinses in a bowl), remove the bad ones, take off the stalk on the grape and put them back in the bag (after you clean it) and freeze.

Grape in bowl

The grapes will last for months and taste delicious. You can eat them frozen (taste great!) or you can allow them to warm up to room temperature. I usually can’t wait and enjoy it by nibbing at it frozen. The grape is not that hard and it is delicious.

So when grapes are on sale, you can buy tons of them and don’t have to worry when they will spoil.

Another way to buy them cheaper, is to buy them at the special sale section, where the products have defects. They are very cheap. Often times, they are still very good with a few going bad.

Just sort out the bad ones and you will be surprised how much good are left. You may get almost 2 lb for 0.99 cents, depending on the stores and after cleaning and freezing, they are as good as normal ones.

Enjoy the grapes!