Weetabix – A Cheap and Healthy Cereal


Most cereals contain a fair amount of sugar. It is not easy to find one which has very little sugar and inexpensive. There is however one which contains very little sugar and is also nutritious.

Weetabix is made of whole wheat and has no transfat or preservative. It is high in fibre and contains only 1 g of sugar per biscuit. If you eat a serving (2 biscuits), you would be consuming 130 calories. If you add in the milk and some fruits (e.g. strawberries, blueberries, banana, or grapes, etc.), you might be taking in about 250 calories, which is low for a meal.

A box of Weetabix costs $1.25 at Dollar Tree. Since there are 12 pieces in a box, one piece costs about 10 cents. Your cereal breakfast is worth about 40 cents, milk and fruit included, which is very inexpensive. Even if we decide to have 2 servings, we would spend less than a dollar.

If you feel hungry at night and crave for a snack, Weetabix might appease that hunger in a healthy way.