Boxing Day Deals

Boxing Day is over. How many of us lined up to get a particular deal? We feel if we don’t, we are going to miss it.

The reality is most of the deals are available all year round. They are not really that special. The rebates are within the normal range, 10 – 40%. Of course there are a few that might go over 50 – 75% but they are in very limited quantities and chances that you get it is remote, unless you are willing to set up camp. Is t really worth it to save a few bucks?

Further more, heavily discounted items are often items which are usually mediocre in quality or are moving too slow in inventory. What’s a better opportunity to get rid of them quickly.

So what’s the solution?

  1. Make a list of quality items you would like to have.
  2. Check their regular price
  3. Determine your discount price for the item (e.g., 40%)
  4. Then be patient and watch for a sale on that item. You may or may not get it at the price you want but at least you know you are getting the right thing at a lower price.