HP USB Media Port Replicator at $38

HP USB Media Port Replicator

The HP USB Media Port Replicator is on sale for $38. It provides a fast easy expansion for all compatible HP notebook PCs with little clutter.
– 4 USB ports
– Ethernet
– Microphone inlet
– Headphone outlet
– SmartPin Power connector
– USB Expansion Cable Port
Through a single USB connection, you are connected to external monitors, speakers, printer or other peripherals.

Free Apps From Amazon


Amazon is offering Free Apps (Free App of the Day Bundle). If you have an Android, you can download them and give them a try.

Easy Tether, for example, shares your Android smartphone connection with your PC. If you have an unlimited dataplan for your phone, you do not need to subscribe to another service provider at home. You simply use the same data plan that you already use for your on-phone internet access by thethering with no additional tethering or broadband fees. The app costs normally $9.99 and is presently free.

To download the Free Amazon Apps, click here.

Cheap Mobile Phone Plan


If you have a mobile phone just for the sake of emergency, you probably make very few calls. Most mobile phone plans would not suit your purpose. You would be overspending.

The cheapest one is from Fido, $10 a month. It is prepaid airtime. Even though each call costs 30 cents, you would probably end up with a lot of money in the account after a year and you would need to renew each month to avoid losing it.

What is the solution?

Use SpeakOut from 7-Eleven. You buy time for $25 and it expires in a year. So if you barely make or receive phone calls, you would be spending at most $25.

Free If Scanned Price Is Wrong


Certain supermarkets like No Frills, Real Canadian Super Stores, have an Item Free Scanner Policy which entitles the customer to get the product Free if the scanner gives a wrong price.

For example, if you see the price of a product to be $6 and your receipt states $10, then you will get the product for free as long as it does not exceed $10. Some cashiers may not be aware of that policy and it is good to draw their attention to that when it occurs.

For more information on the Item Free Scanner Policy, click here.

Free eBook – Stress Management For Dummies


If you are stressed out, you might want to read this book, Stress Management For Dummies.

I thought, dummies never get stressed out since they are oblivious to what’s going around them.

Anyway,  Stress Management For Dummies, 2nd Edition — eBook ($14.99) is FREE for a limited time to download!

Learn management tools so you can stop letting stress have a negative impact on your life.

Click here to request your free copy of Stress Management For Dummies.

Free Smart Klick Key Quick Button Click


With the Smart Klick Key Quick Button Click, you can start any app on your mobile phone, like making a call, sending a message, switching on the LED light or taking a picture.

You designate what clicking the button does, from one click to four consecutive clicks or clicking and holding. You can assign many various things to this button all at once.

To receive a Free Key Quick Button Smart Click , simply share this offer.

You need to let us know how you did that before October 12, 2014. This is the deadline. Do not forget to send your address too.

Plant Your Own Vegetable & Fruits


One nice way to reduce your groceries espenses is to grow your own vegetable or fruits. Of course, you will not be able to grow everything you need, but you will at least buy less of them. And what’s nice about it, is that you know what you are eating has no pesticide or other chemicals. Further, you will have to do some mild physical activities, which will benefit you. Finally, there is this great feeling of success and accomplishment when you harvest your products.

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still plant something by using pots and containers. You simply need an area where sunlight can come in.

What’s keeping you to start your own mini garden? It’s fun, enjoyable and financially beneficial.

Wiper Blades at $3.99


If you are looking for windshield wiper blades, there will be a sale at Princess Auto Canada between March 18th and March 30th, 2014.

The ArmorAll Assorted Windshield Wiper Blades will cost only $3.99 each, regardless of size.

You can also order them online but then the shipping cost will negate any saving unless you buy a lot.

For location of Princess Auto Canada, click here.