Free Android App – Talking Tom Cat

If you have a cellphone using android OS, you can get Free Android Apps at Amazon.

The Talking Tom Cat app is presently Free to download.

Talking Tom responds to your touch and will repeat back everything you say in a funny voice.
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Free Android App – Angry Birds Rio

If you have an android device, you might be interested to download Angry Birds Rio, which is Free for a limited time.

You can get a lot of Free Android apps at Amazon App Store.

Check them out and download them while they are FREE and enjoy them.
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Free PDF To Excel Converter Software

PDF ia now everywhere and if you want to copy and use it, you need a converter.

You can get a Free PDF To Excel Converter Software, which will convert your PDF document into Excel format.

That’s a very useful tool and you don’t need to manually type in the data from a PDF table into an Excel spreadsheet.

The software costs normally around $30 but will be free until April 25, 2011.

This evaluation software allows you to convert 3 pages only per conversion.
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Trade In 5 Games & Get A Free iPod Touch 8 GB

Do you have games you don’t play with anymore?

Trade in 5 games and get a Free 4th generation 8 GB iPod Touch at a participating Future Shop.

Go to the Gaming Section in the store and one of their Entertainment associates will let you know the value of your games at the Trade-in Station.

Only games for Playstation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and Wii are valid for trade-in.

Some games will not be valid for trade-in value. PC games are not accepted.

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Free LCBO Enviro-Tote

LCBO is offering Free Enviro-Totes to the first 500 customers on March 10, 2011 starting at 9:30 a.m.

If you live in the neighbourhood of Vaughan, you should receive a postcard by mail.

If not, you can go to an LCBO and request one. They may have some.
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Free Turbo Tax Return

Yes it”s the dreaded tax return time.

But if you are a State Farm customer, you can file your income tax returm using the Free TurboTax Basic or Deluxe Online.

If you are not, you can still do so using the TurboTax Free Federal Edition, which is a simple filer.
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Play Free NES Games

Enjoy Free NES Games online. allows you to play NIntendo and arcade games online. If you like them, you can buy them.

You can play as much as you want.
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Free Microsoft Tools For Students

As a student you can download Free Microsoft tools for software development.

If you have an .edu e-mail address, you will gain instant access.

Among the Free softwares offered by Microsoft DreamSpark are Visual Studio 2010 Pro, SQL Server 2008, Server 2008 R2,, XNA Studio, Phone Developer.

So download them if you want to make use of them.
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Earn Money While Driving Using SafeCellApp

It’s hard not to answer the phone or not to reply to a text message when you are driving.

But if you get paid for it, will you abstain from doing it?

SafeCellApp will pay you $1 for every 100 miles if you don’t use your iPhone or your android smartphone while driving.

It is Free presently but after the 90 days launch period it will cost $11.99 a year, which means, you need to drive at least 1199 miles a year to recoup it.

So if you drive a lot, you might earn quite a bit a year just for not using your cellphone while driving.

Imagine getting paid for not getting distracted and getting an accident.
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Free iPad App For The New York Times

If you have an iPad, you can download the App for the New York Times for Free.

You will be able to enjoy the New York Times till 2011 for free.

There is no doubt that the New Tork Times is a great publication and reading it through the iPad is more enjoyable than holding a large newspaper.

Get your free application.
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Free True Almond Silk Soy Beverage

Today’s Parent is offering 1,000 coupons of Free 1.89L carton of True
Almond Beverage
by Silk Soy.

Simply register and if you are among the first 1,000 who do so, you will receive a coupon for the delicious soy beverage.

Soy beverage has improved a lot in taste and is a good healthy beverage for those who do not like milk.

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Free Compressed T-Shirt

CubeBix is offering Free Compressed T shirts.

Just remove it from the package, soak it in cold water for about an hour, unfold, and you have your T shirt.

By wearing their T shirt you are helping to spread the word about CubeBix.

Cube is a website which hosts only the utmost entertaining and highest quality games the world wide web has to offer.

So if you love to play games online, you might want to check their website and wear their T shirt.

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