Free Websites For Canadian Businesses

Google is offering FREE websites for Canadian Businesses.

So, if you have a business without a website and thought it’s too expensive or too complicated to build one, this is the opportunity for you to get your Free website.

A business without a website is like a business without a phone.

How can it compete and survive?

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Free Color Sticker Sample Pack

Remember the good old days when stickers were popular and were stuck everywhere, from books to cars.

Well you can receive a Free sample pack and start using them again.


All you have to do is to send an email.

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Welcome 2009 Deals

2008 is gone! It was a year of financial crisis. Everyone is now hoping 2009 would be better and perhaps see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In time like these it becomes the more important on how we spend our money and on how we try to get the most out of it. The way to do it is to avoid any unnecessary expenses. Oh it might not be good for the economy but then it would be worst if you get into debts and start paying astronomical penalty interests to the poor banks. The economy will pick up again eventually. In the mean while we need to stretch our money as much as possible.


So watching for deals in 2009 can help us cut costs. We need to look for the best available deals. Of course we should not buy something we do not need just to get the deal. Remember these deals are there for us to take. If we do we spend less and if we manage to save 5% over the whole year it amounts to about 5% raise in our income. Most will save more than that if they keep an eye on it.

Here are a few tips on how you can stretch your money.

  • Check the weakly flyers.  You can save 10% or more on groceries.
  • Check the websites on deals, including this one. They are there to help you find the best deals. Bookmark them and spend a few minutes checking them daily. You might save a few hundreds of dollars.
  • Use credit cards with rewards and without any fees. You save about 1% on your purchases. If you spend $30,000 a year you will earn $300 rewards. Make sure you pay everything before the due date. Otherwise you will be paying hefty interests.
  • Make a list of things you would need for this year and if you can wait when the deals emerge you would save quite a lot.

These are just a few tips on how you can make the most of your money and make 2009 a less expensive year.

Wish you the best savings for 2009!

Free Pedometer

You can receive a FREE pedometer by signing up for free information on weight-loss surgery.

pedometer-1Bariatrics4Diabetes will help you explore the option of weight-loss surgery.

The free pedometer might actually help you lose weight without surgery.

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Are There Good Deals in Boxing Day?

We check the Boxing Day flyers and there was no gasp of Wow! The items are discounted but they are not super discounted. The discounts are within the normal range. It appears that retailers are simply using the Boxing Day event to increase their sales without providing deep discounts.

Would consumers fall for that? Won’t they notice they have been duped?

Most consumers would not notice any thing. They believe the deals on Boxing Day have to be genuine and they are only interested to be the first to make the purchase. It’s BUY BUY time. There’s no time to think things over or to analyze the prices. The important thing is to be in the line first. Just buy before someone else takes it.

We are not saying there are no deals. A few might be heavily discounted but most are not. Is it worth waiting for hours in the icy cold weather to be able to buy those items? The answer is NO!

We believe the prices after Boxing Day will still be low. Retailers want to get rid of their stocks as much as possible. Of course the choices are now narrower, but still you can get a good bargain without having to wake up at 4.00 a.m and to be stressed up.

A lot of items which are discounted are getting outdated. They have to be sold at cheaper prices sooner or later.

So before you jump in the fray, ask yourself, is that a really good discount? If not, don’t bother.

Be smart consumers. Don’t let Boxing Day overpower you and make you box somebody because he got the item before you.


Free Childrens Coloring Book

You can download a FREE Childrens Coloring and Activity Book for your kids. True, it’s not the same as a real coloring book but kids are only interested in doing things, regardless of the source.

There are a lot of valuable lessons and information in it. The kids will learn new things as they enjoy the coloring.

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