Minimize Printing Waste Through GreenPrint World

How often we waste paper and ink by printing more than what we wanted. Out come a few sheets with just the page number at the top or part of a spreadsheet.

GreenPrint World is a software that helps you minimize wasted paper at home or at work. It looks at what you’re printing and tries to figure out if there’s a way to print less.

The last page containing the site’s URL may be eliminated. Images or texts may be removed depending on what you need. You’ll get a display of what’s being sent to the printer, with the option of not printing those wasteful pages. You can also convert everything into PDF, save it or email it and bypass the printing.

GreenPrint World tracks your savings, so you’ll know how much paper and toner you haven’t used.

By using the software you will help GreenPrint World to save over 100 million trees and reduce greenhouse gasses by over 300 million tons.

This is a Win-Win situation. Let us make our world greener.

To download the free software, please click .

OC In Motion FREE T-Shirt

OC in Motion is a county-wide collaborative partnership led by the Community Services branch.

The goals of OC in Motion are to raise the awareness of the importance of physical activity in our children, to advocate for policies that encourage physical activity and health and to reduce the instance of type II diabetes and other obesity related illnesses in our children.

To obtain a FREE T-Shirt from OC In Motion just fill up the form and submit.

Free Classic Stories Online

Do you enjoy Classic stories? You can read them online for free.

Classic Reader offers thousands of works of literature (both novels and short stories) by hundreds of authors. They’re all in the public domain, so there aren’t any copyright issues.

No download is required—they are not e-books, they’re HTML files hosted on their servers.

If you however want to download the story, simply register with the site at no charge and then download it.

Click here to go to the website.

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