Plant Your Own Vegetable & Fruits


One nice way to reduce your groceries espenses is to grow your own vegetable or fruits. Of course, you will not be able to grow everything you need, but you will at least buy less of them. And what’s nice about it, is that you know what you are eating has no pesticide or other chemicals. Further, you will have to do some mild physical activities, which will benefit you. Finally, there is this great feeling of success and accomplishment when you harvest your products.

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still plant something by using pots and containers. You simply need an area where sunlight can come in.

What’s keeping you to start your own mini garden? It’s fun, enjoyable and financially beneficial.

3,000 Free Pledge® Wipes

Have you ever tried the Pledge Wipes?

First 3,000 people to respond will receive a Easy Spring Cleaning Giveaway pack.

Pledge Wipes can be used to clean wood, leather, marble, stainless steel and more.

They also condition and protect while leaving behind a fresh lemon scent.
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Free Sample Of Tide Pod

Tide is giving away 500,000 Samples Of Tide Pod.

What is Tide Pod?

To find out, request your Free sample and give it a try.

All you have to do is to LIKE their page and send in your name and address.

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Free Bottles Of Purex

Purex is rolling out a new Triple Action formula across the entire liquid detergent line.

They are giving away 50 bottles a day for 50 Days, i.e a total of 2,500 Triple Action Purex Detergent bottles.

If you would like to win a Free Bottle Of Purex, simply sign up.

You could do that every day but only one entry per day and as many days as you would like.
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Free Dempster’s Toaster

By collecting 15 pins on specially marked products of Canada Bread, you can get a Free Dempster’s Toaster.

It is not completely free as there is a a shipping and handling charge of $18.

Still, it is quite a bargain for such a toaster.
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Free Gravitec 2012 Desk Calendar

It’s almost 2012 and you will be needing new calendars.

You might want to request a Free Gravitec 2012 Desk Calendar.

Gravitec provides fall protection worldwide to those who work at heights through training, engineering, consulting, testing and technical equipment sales.
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Nescafe Giveaway – 300 Dolche Gusto Piccolo Coffee Makers

You may want to participate in the Nescafe Giveaway as you can win one of the 300 Dolche Gusto Piccolo Coffee Makers.

They are giving 15 machines away for 20 days.

LIKE them in Facebook and you will then be able to play a simple game where you have to choose one of 3 boxes by shaking them to find out which one contains the coffee maker.
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Free Jade Spiral Teapot Set

Tea Forte is giving away a Jade Spiral Teapot Set this Tuesday.

Just click “LIKE” on their status under the post and you’re entered to win. Tomorrow around noon, they will announce the lucky winner.

The set includes a 28oz teapot with built-in infuser and four 6oz matching teacups.

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Free 2012 Israel Calendar

The International Fellowship of Christians and Israel is giving away Free 2012 Israel Calendars.

Become a Watchman of the Wall by signing up for their newsletter.
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Free Texas Jar Opener

Having problem opening up jars?

Why not get a Free Texas Jar Opener from Yovia?

The rubber jar openers are made from recycled tires and are shaped like the state of Texas.
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Free Glad Compostable Bag

Get a Free Glad Compostable Bag.

Yes the problem with most garbage bags are they are not compostable and pose an environmental concern.

Some municipalities are encouraging its residents to use compostable bags.

Will you participate?
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