Free Refrigerator Magnet

The American Chemistry Council is offering a Free Refrigerator Magnet as well as information on Chlorine.

The 3″x5″ refrigerator magnet displays simple directions for disinfecting food contact surfaces.
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Free Glade Décor Scents Electric Warmer

If you want to get a Free Glade Décor Scents Electric Warmer, you must respond quickly as only the first 3,000 people will receive the gift pack.

It contains the a Glade Décor Scents Electric Warmer and Starter Kit in Clean Linen.

The gift packs are available until October 31, 2011, or while supplies last.

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Swiffer Duster Giveaway!

Good Housekeeping is giving away 15,000 Swiffer Dusters.

You must first LIKE the Facebook page of Good Housekeeping.

Then click the “click here” link below where it says “No purchase is necessary to enter”, so you don’t subscribe.

The first 15,000 to respond will also receive a Free, new and improved, Swiffer Duster.

You will also participate in the Swiffer sweepstakes where you can win a Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit, a Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit and a Swiffer Extendable Handle Starter Kit.

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Free HGTV Home Tote Bag

Shaw Floors is having a 30 Days Of HGTV HOME Giveaway.

During those 30 days you can win an HGTV Home floor from Shaw by voting for your favorite room created by their teams of bloggers.

Plus you can receive a FREE HGTV HOME Tote Bag when you visit your local HGTV HOME retailer.

First LIKE their Facebook page and grant them access to your Facebook. You”ll then be able to enter your address to find your local home retailer.
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Free B&B Headband

B&B Flooring is giving away Free B&B Fleece Headbands to all their current and past customers.

If you aren’t their customer, but you accidentally found this page they will ship you a headband anyway.

They are pretty good looking.

Maybe you should consider becoming their customer.
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Febreze Dance Video Contest & Coupons

Febreze is sponsoring a Dance Video Contest and you can win between $100 to $6,000 for your submission.

Anyone who registers will receive Coupons for Febreze products worth $14 in savings.

If you are interested, register and have fun.

The videos are so funny.
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Complimentary Sample Of Trive For Plant Growth

What is Thrive?

Thrive consists of bacteria, which colonize on the hair-like structures of the plant root to increase nutrient absorption and stimulate growth.

Everyday until August 31, the company is offering 50 Complimentary Samples Of Trive For Plant Growth daily.

With it you will have more resilient and robust plants that are better able to withstand transplant stress, excessive heat and disease.
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Free Trial Pack Of Eco Bag Pac Garbage Bags

Who does not need a garbage bag?

We all do.

Do you want to get a Free Trial Pack Of Eco Bag Pac Garbage Bags?

These larger-than-life garbage bags are big enough to hold the biggest messes, without ripping or tearing.

These eco-bags contain 25% recycled plastics but no PVC. It uses a clever self-packaging system, in which one outer bag holds all the other bags inside.
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Free Sample Of Eco Life Cleaner

Are you concerned about the environment?

Try a Free Sample Of Eco Life Cleaner.

It is non-toxic and non- hazardous. It’s an excellent spray and wipe cleaner/degreaser.

It is safe to use around people, pets, family and food.

Send sample request and mailing address to
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GlimmerWare Table Setting Giveaway From EMI Yoshi

Interested in getting a Free EMI Yoshi GlimmerWare Table Setting?

EMI Yoshi will be giving away 5 GlimmerWare table settings for a party of 20 each time they get another 1,000 followers on Facebook or Twitter.

Each time they hit another 1,000 followers they will post a form within 48 hours for you to fill out.

They will then select the 5 winners randomly and send out emails.

This giveaway is open to both residents of the U.S. and Canada.

Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to be eligible to win.
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Free Flower Bulbs

If you love flowers and are interested in getting Free Flower Bulbs, email them at with your interest in the flower bulbs and your address.

They are a non-profit organization aiming to provide totally free bulbs worldwide.

Here is a list of some of the bulbs: Tube Rose, Gladiolus, Cannas, Crocosmia, Dahlias, Daylilies, Freesia, Allium, Amaryllis, Calochortus, Camassia, Colchicum, Crocus, Daffodils, Eremurus, Fritillaria, Galanthus, etc.

Just apply for the bulbs and they will be sent to you, Totally FREE!

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