Cheap Mobile Phone Plan


If you have a mobile phone just for the sake of emergency, you probably make very few calls. Most mobile phone plans would not suit your purpose. You would be overspending.

The cheapest one is from Fido, $10 a month. It is prepaid airtime. Even though each call costs 30 cents, you would probably end up with a lot of money in the account after a year and you would need to renew each month to avoid losing it.

What is the solution?

Use SpeakOut from 7-Eleven. You buy time for $25 and it expires in a year. So if you barely make or receive phone calls, you would be spending at most $25.

Free If Scanned Price Is Wrong


Certain supermarkets like No Frills, Real Canadian Super Stores, have an Item Free Scanner Policy which entitles the customer to get the product Free if the scanner gives a wrong price.

For example, if you see the price of a product to be $6 and your receipt states $10, then you will get the product for free as long as it does not exceed $10. Some cashiers may not be aware of that policy and it is good to draw their attention to that when it occurs.

For more information on the Item Free Scanner Policy, click here.

Plant Your Own Vegetable & Fruits


One nice way to reduce your groceries espenses is to grow your own vegetable or fruits. Of course, you will not be able to grow everything you need, but you will at least buy less of them. And what’s nice about it, is that you know what you are eating has no pesticide or other chemicals. Further, you will have to do some mild physical activities, which will benefit you. Finally, there is this great feeling of success and accomplishment when you harvest your products.

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still plant something by using pots and containers. You simply need an area where sunlight can come in.

What’s keeping you to start your own mini garden? It’s fun, enjoyable and financially beneficial.

Save Money Tip: Freeze Grapes

frozen grape

Grapes are delicious but quite expensive. When they are cheap, usually 0.99 cents/lb, you might be tempted to buy a lot.

The problem is that often they do not last very long (that’s why they are on sale). They start going bad in a couple of days and you end up wasting some if you purchased quite a lot. At the end, you haven’t really saved.

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Free Refrigerator Magnet – Deal Kitchen Germs A 1-2 Punch

American Chemistry is offering a Free Refrigerator Magnet – Deal Kitchen Germs A 1-2 Punch, DVD, posters and brochures on Chlorine and its uses.

This fun, 3″x5″ refrigerator magnet displays simple directions for disinfecting food contact surfaces.

As for the other resources you can request as many as you want.
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Free Lanolin Sample Or Free Mothers Milk Tea Sample

Breastfeeding is a touchy subject for some but there’s no doubt that breastfeeding provides the best natural food for your baby.

Liz Pevytoe is a mother of two lovely daughters, Emma and Abby. She is a board certified (IBCLC) lactation consultant and is giving away Free samples of Lanolin and Mothers milk tea.

Simply sign up for her newsletter and go to her Contact Me page and inform her that you joined and which sample you want.

Don’t forget to include your address so she can mail the sample to you. She even pays the shipping!

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Electrolux Prizes For Your Tips

If you have some good kitchen tips you can use them to win Electrolux appliances worth over $10,000.

You simply submit your tips and people will vote whether they like it or not.

The secret tip with the most votes will win one best tip prize.

In fact three lucky winners will win a Grand Prize or 1 of 2 Secondary Prizes.

Deadline: June 28th, 2010
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Free Winter Wonder Guide For Babies

Winter wonder guide

Winter is coming. If you have a baby you want to make sure he or she is ready for Winter.

Request the Winter Wonder Guide from Johnson’s, a FREE resource filled with handy tips and fun-filled activities designed to make the most of the season.

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