Food Donation – Share A Little Comfort with Kraft

share a little comfort kraft

Do you know you can help feed someone by simply clicking on a button?

Kraft Foods is willing to donate a Free box of Macaroni and Cheese to Feeding America every time someone clicks on the button for donation.

Join in and help to share a little comfort to so many who are hungry and without food.

We would even suggest that you not only click on the button but you would also buy a box and donate it to a food bank.

It would cost us less than a dollar and we would make two persons less hungry and happier instead of one.

Let us be generous and not click only the Donate button but buy also one of the box of Kraft Mac and Cheese and make a food donation.

We love Deals and Discounts and we have been getting a lot of them. Let’s share some of them with others.

Kraft Foods is helping a little bit regardless its motive. We can too by really giving something.

Let’s share a little comfort!
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Free Gift and Coupon From Sunrise Soya


Have you ever tasted Tofu?

You should!

It is a good source of protein, B-vitamins and iron.

Sunrise Soya is offering a Free Gift and Free coupons of Pete’s Cuisine 2 Go.

Simply subscribe to the Sunrise Club and you will receive new tofu recipes, tips on how to cook Tofu, Sunrise news, soya products and even free coupons.

What is Tofu actually?

Tofu is simply soya beans milk, which has been curdled. It has a bland taste but it tastes delicious when prepared with the right ingredients.

Simply download Tofu recipes online.

There are also a lot of Tofu recipes books, which show you how to cook Tofu the right way. There are so many ways to cook Tofu and you will simply be amazed at the number of Tofu dishes during an Asian temple celebration.

But if you prefer Western food you can prepare Tofu pizza, Tofu chocolate cake, Tofu ice cream, Tofu chocolate mousse, Tofu lasagna and even Tofu steaks.

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More Links for Our Website

Spot Deals logo

We have started a new page which we called Directory Deals & Money Advices.

We believe they are interesting and helpful to our readers. They are written by people, who have gone through some difficult situations in their lives and have learnt to deal with them.

They are willing to share their experiences and help others in not making the same mistakes.

And what is also interesting too is that the people who find bargains or deals are not trying to keep them for themselves but they are excited to share them with others.
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RBC Inner Saver Secrets

rbc inner savings

Got a hot tip for saving money?

You probably have a few ideas on how to save money.

Share it with fellow savers and be entered in one of six (6) weekly prize draws.

Winning tips will be posted on The Savings Spot, and winners each receive $100.

Each of the 6 winning submissions will be automatically entered into the Grand Prize draw for a chance to WIN $1,000.

So roll up your sleeves and get creative – the better your tip, the better your chance of winning.
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