Free Apps From Amazon


Amazon is offering Free Apps (Free App of the Day Bundle). If you have an Android, you can download them and give them a try.

Easy Tether, for example, shares your Android smartphone connection with your PC. If you have an unlimited dataplan for your phone, you do not need to subscribe to another service provider at home. You simply use the same data plan that you already use for your on-phone internet access by thethering with no additional tethering or broadband fees. The app costs normally $9.99 and is presently free.

To download the Free Amazon Apps, click here.

Free Android App – Talking Tom Cat

If you have a cellphone using android OS, you can get Free Android Apps at Amazon.

The Talking Tom Cat app is presently Free to download.

Talking Tom responds to your touch and will repeat back everything you say in a funny voice.
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Free Android App – Angry Birds Rio

If you have an android device, you might be interested to download Angry Birds Rio, which is Free for a limited time.

You can get a lot of Free Android apps at Amazon App Store.

Check them out and download them while they are FREE and enjoy them.
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Earn Money While Driving Using SafeCellApp

It’s hard not to answer the phone or not to reply to a text message when you are driving.

But if you get paid for it, will you abstain from doing it?

SafeCellApp will pay you $1 for every 100 miles if you don’t use your iPhone or your android smartphone while driving.

It is Free presently but after the 90 days launch period it will cost $11.99 a year, which means, you need to drive at least 1199 miles a year to recoup it.

So if you drive a lot, you might earn quite a bit a year just for not using your cellphone while driving.

Imagine getting paid for not getting distracted and getting an accident.
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