Free Sample Of Parent’s Choice Formula

If you have babies you may be interested to try a Free Sample Of Parent’s Choice Instant Formula.

There are 3 samples you can choose from:

Compared to other popular brands, you can save up to 50% in cost.

Find out which is best for your baby.
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Free Enfamil Carryall Bag

Enfamil is offering a Free Carryall bag with a Free bottle cooler and a Sample of Enfamil Premium with Triple Health guard infant formula.

The new Enfamil Carryall is unique, reusable, and helps to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the need for plastic shoping bags.

You also get helpful tips for keeping your baby safe and valuable information to support your feeding decision.

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Free Similac Baby


Baby food is expensive, especially the infant formulated milk.

The best thing is to breastfeed your baby. There is simply no substitute for that.

But if that’s not possible then you have no choice but to feed your baby with instant formula.

By joining the Similac Welcome Addition Club you will receive a free samples of Similac formula and some coupons, which might help you to save some money.


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Do you know the reasons why breast milk is better than instant formula for a new born baby?

  1. A mother’s milk is more nutritious; it contains better balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins for the newborn.
  2. A mothers milk contains a mix of vitamins that more closely aligns to a human baby’s needs.
  3. A mothers milk contains immunological agents that will help the newborn fight bacteria, viruses and other infections.
  4. Breast feeding is more nurturing and better developmentally for the child.
  5. And last but not least the milk is delivered in warm, soft and “really cute” containers.

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