Free Wildlife Calendar

If you love nature and the wildlife, you may want to have a Free Wildlife Calendar for 2013 with the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Perhaps you would like to help CWF continue its hard work in conserving Canada’s wildlife and wild spaces.

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Free 2012 Israel Calendar

The International Fellowship of Christians and Israel is giving away Free 2012 Israel Calendars.

Become a Watchman of the Wall by signing up for their newsletter.
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2012 Majestic Africa Calendar

Bread and Water for Africa is giving away 2012 Majestic Africa Calendars.

If you are interested in receiving one, simple send in your name and address.

Bread and Water for Africa promotes positive change in Africa by supporting and strengthening grassroots initiatives for community self-sufficiency, health and education.

Your support will be appreciated by them.
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Free Calendar Mousepad

RSI Power is offering a Free Calendar Mousepad for a limited time.

Basically it wants to know if you purchase power supplies.

The mousepad comes complete with a handy monthly calendar.
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Free Al & Ed’s 2011 Calendar

2011 is here. Are you still looking for a calendar?

If you like cars, you might want to get a Free Al & Ed’s 2011 Calendar.

Al and Ed’s Autosound has been selling and installing mobile electronics longer than anyone.

Can you believe they invent and install the first car alarm?
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Free Rosenborg-Castello 2011 calendar

If you are looking for a Free 2011 Calendar, you can get one from Rosenborg-Castello.

You can also receive their Free Recipe newsletter if you wish.

Rosenborg-Castello cheeses taste great. The blue cheese may not be everybody’s taste but once you get used to it, you will like it. Just don’t use too much.
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Free Canadian Wildlife 2011 Calendar

If you need 2011 calendars, you can get a Free Canadian Wildlife calendar.

The images are stunning!

Get the free calendars while they are still available.
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Free 2011 Great American Conservative Women Calendar

The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute is offering a Free 2011 Calendar of Great American Conservative Women to students.

If you are interested, you might want to apply for one.

Students must provide a “.edu” email address to receive the free calendar.

At first sight, we thought the women pictured were beauty pageants or actresses.

So it destroys the fallacy that a woman cannot be both beautiful and smart.
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Free 2011 Telus Calendar

Telus is offering Free 2011 calendars to its customers.

If you are using one of its services, chances you get it is great.

But even if you are not, they might send you one if they have too many because calendars are useless if they are not been used.
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2011 Pillsbury Calendar

Request your Free PIllsbury Calendar.

All you have to do is to sign up for their newsletters if you haven’t done so yet.

2011 is fast coming and a nice Free calendar is always useful.
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Free Betty Crocker 2011 Calendar

Are you interested in getting a Free Betty Crocker 2011 calendar?

Sign up for the Betty Crocker newsletter and you may be able to receive one.

This promotion is apparently only for pre-selected consumers who were the original recipient of the valued subscriber email or new Betty Crocker, Dinner Made Easy or Bisquick email subscribers only.

Give it a try even if you are not. You have nothing to lose.
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