10,000 Free Personalized Cards

Receive one Free Card and Free shipping or postage, a total value of up to $6.00, when you enter coupon code CCC2020 at check out.

Offer valid only 2/20/2012 and only while supplies last.

Promotion limited to first 10,000 customers who redeem the coupon code.

No minimum purchase necessary.
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Kellogg’s $5 Pre-Paid Gas Card

There is a promotion going on called Kellogg’s Fuel For School Promotion.

You can get Free $5 Pre-Paid Gas Cards by buying specially marked boxes of Kelloggs cereals.

Send in the order form and the pin code found inside the box and you will receive a $5 Pre-Paid Gas Card.

There is a limit of 5 cards per household and up to 3 $5 pre-paid gas card requests per order.

Offer expires on December 31st, 2011 and the Gas Cards expires on March 31, 2012.
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Free Braille Alphabet Card

If you wonder how people can read Braille, you can find out by requesting the Free Braille Alphabet card.

It’s not complicated. You would just need a little practice. It’s an amazing tool.

Thanks to it, the blind can now read and write.
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