Free Dempster’s Toaster

By collecting 15 pins on specially marked products of Canada Bread, you can get a Free Dempster’s Toaster.

It is not completely free as there is a a shipping and handling charge of $18.

Still, it is quite a bargain for such a toaster.
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Febreze Dance Video Contest & Coupons

Febreze is sponsoring a Dance Video Contest and you can win between $100 to $6,000 for your submission.

Anyone who registers will receive Coupons for Febreze products worth $14 in savings.

If you are interested, register and have fun.

The videos are so funny.
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L’Oréal Kids Contest

Who would have thought that L’Oréal would be interested in little kids?

Well, they are launching the L’Oréal Kids contest.

As a parent you are the one who is going to participate in the contest for your kids as they are under 21.

BUT they will love you for that as they can win great Cars-themed prizes, including tickets to an advance screening of the new movie, Car 2.

There are 4 Grand Prizes each consisting of a giftbasket with a selection of L’Oréal Kids and Disney/Pixar Cars product, each worth at least $1000 CAD.

In the last week of the contest, an additional bonus prize worth approximately $150 will be awarded.

There are also 3 prizes of 4 pre-screening tickets for the film Cars 2, which will take place on June 22nd, 2011 in 7 cities: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Edmonton.

Contest ends June 27, 2011 at 12:00 p.m ET.

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Arby’s Poem Contest

Arby’s is having a poem contest. You can write your own poem and submit it for vote.

The best 3 will be selected and a winner will be determined by a final vote in Facebook.

If you are the lucky poet, you will win $1,000.

So if you are a poet, or a poet to be, now is the time to write a romantic poem for your roastbeef or whatever.

Just make sure you don’t drool too much while writing.
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Win $500 – JustTheBestDeal Credit!

You heard about GROUP DEALS, right? Getting better discount by buying in groups.

JustTheBestDeal is giving you a chance to Win $500 in JustTheBestDeal credit.

With this credit you can make any purchases offered in the website. It never expires.

Better still, you can earn $10 for every person who registers and participate in the contest or make a purchase.

All you need to do is to register and participate in the contest. You can then use Facebook, Twitter or simply your email to share this deal. And for everyone who responds, you will get $10.

Hmm… then my chance of winning it is lower BUT I might make more than $500 in referral fees, which is not bad at all.

What are you waiting for?

Contest ends Thursday, June 30, 2011.
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Win Activia Yogurt For Life Contest

Without doubt, Activia is one of the best yogurt on the market.

You can enjoy Activia Yogurt For LIFE (i.e 25 years) by participating in the Win Activia For Life Contest.

We are not going to argue why they define “for life” as 25 years only. If we are able to get Free Activia yogurt for 25 years, that’s good enough for us.

So if you are interested in enjoying Activia for “25 years”, assuming you will live that long and the company still exists, go for it!

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Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Haircare Routines

You can be one of the 250 Canadians to try the new L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise haircare routines.

Each weekday, a new routine will be revealed and 50 new winners will be chosen.

First LIKE the L’Oréal Facebook page and then participate in the contest.

You can enter daily to increase your chance to win one of 250 Hair Expertise hair routines.

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Free Beauty Care Products From Allure

Between June 1 to June 4, 2010 Allure is giving away a beauty care product to the first 500 readers who sign up for it each day.

For June 1 the giveaway is the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue.

For June 2 the giveaway is a Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller.

For June 3 the giveaway is a Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Olive Growth.

For June 4 the freebie is a Biosilk Beach Texture.

Our advice to you if you really want to win these giveaway is to set your alarm a few minutes before 12 noon EDT and to log in there ready to submit your entry when the clock strikes noon.

You will probably be among the first 500.
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Win An iPad Contest With XOXO Secret Word

iPads are hot! Almost everyone wants one.

If you want one, you can participate in the XOXO Secret Word contest where 10 iPads (16 GB) will be given away free.

All you have to do is to get a secret word and do a sentence with it. Then enter it online and/or in Twitter. There will be separate draws for each.

How do we get the secret word?

When we buy a bottle of XOXO wine, we”ll receive one and every Wednesday and Saturday there will be new secret words.

Yes, we need to start drinking wine to get a chance to play with the iPad.

Last date of participation is Jine 27, 2010
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Dr.Oetker Live The Moment Contest

Dr.Oetker is having a contest – Live The Moment – where you can win a prize package including a gym membership, cooking classes, and a $400 Indigo Gift Card.

The grand prize winner will win a package, valued over $1,800.

3 more winners will receive 10 Dr. Oetker Dessert Mix Product Coupons, a When In Rome DVD, 2 books by best-selling author Chantel Simmons (Love Struck and Stuck in Downward Dog), and one Sweet Escape beauty gift pack.

All you have to do to participate is to register with your name and address.
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Play Spot Big Foot & Win A Prize

We hate playing games or participate in contests where we can never win.

But if you play Spot Big Foot, you always win a prize.

Doesn’t that sound great?

You can win free music downloads, boxes of Allen candy and DVD movie memberships at

So enjoy the game and see what prize you win at the end.

Contest ends on September 30, 2010
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