$2 Coupon For Pillsbury Cookies

WebSaver.ca is offering a $2 Coupon For Pillsbury Cookies.

You can use it for any Pillsbury cookies (428, 454, 468 g), excluding seasonal products.
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5,000 Samples Of New Chips Ahoy

Chips Ahoy ia giving away 5,000 Samples Of its New fudgy Chewy Gooey Chips Ahoy.

Everyday from June 6 to 9 at noon EST, go to its Facebook page and request the sample.

Remember to LIKE it first so that you can access the offer.

After you have tasted it, they would be happy if you write a review of the new Chips Ahoy cookie.
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Free Sample Of Brookie Cookie

If you are interested in receiving a Free sample of Brookie cookie, send an email to info@thebrookiecookie.com

The first 1,500 will receive a free taste of these cookies.

The rest of you will receive coupons for free cookies to redeem online.

The Brookie cookie tastes like a brownie but looks like a cookie.
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