Free T-Shirt For An Insurance Quote

Want to get get a Free T-Shirt?

Just request an insurance quote on Mayhem Facebook page and you will receive an email asking you to select your Free Mayhem T-shirt or ring tone.

No purchase of insurance is necessary.

If you are already an Allstate customer, send an email to to get your T-shirt.

Offer ends 12/31/2011 or while supplies last.

Promotion not available in Georgia, New Mexico, New York and Nevada.
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Free National Guard T-Shirt Or Dale Jr. Shirt Or Hat

If you have no idea what to do, have you ever considered joining the National Coast Guards?

First you get a Free National Guard T-Shirt Or Dale Jr. Shirt Or Hat, which you can keep even if you decide not to join afterward.

It’s an opportunity to lead an exciting life, true … with danger but not boring. You get paid and you have the opportunity to get tuition assistance.

If you are interested, get the Free Guard Career Kit and you may be on the path for a new exciting career.

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Free T-Shirt From Eight76 Records

Eight76 Records is on a mission to bring the best and brightest in Jamaican music to the universe and is giving away Free T-Shirts.

If you are interested, complete a brief questionnaire and you will also become part of the Eight76 Movement and be eligible to receive special gifts and promotions.
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Free Concert-Oh T-Shirt is offering a Free T-Shirt For anyone who sign up For Concert-Oh.

Email your size and address to after you register with Concert-Oh for an account and Concert-oh will mail you a T-shirt.

Before you get too excited, Concert-Oh has nothing to do with concerts. It’s more a service for web-based virtual meetings which you can participate from any computer. It’s Free!

You may have to wait a few hours to register because their site is on maintenance according to their tweet.
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Free Sobe T-Shirt

You can get a Free Sobe T-Shirt if you post a picture on its Facebook page.

What you have to do is to pour a little Sobe on snow balls.

Then take a picture and post it on their wall, and they’ll send you a FREE Sobe shirt.

Make sure you don’t wear something like Jessica Szohr because it is pretty cold in snow.

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Free Houghton Academy T-Shirt

If you’re serious about Houghton Academy, they’ll send you a Free Houghton Academy T-Shirt.

As soon as you complete and return the first three pages of your application along with your school transcript, you’ll receive a shirt as a thank-you gift.

Be sure to mention this offer when you send in your paperwork and which shirt you picked, and your size.

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Free Globe T-Shirt

Request a Free Globe T-shirt.

USE the CODE LMFAO and you will receive a Free T_shirt.

If you want to get a 50% discount, use the CODE GLBV5Y when you place an order.

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Free Townie Records T-Shirt

Townie Records is offering Free T-shirts.

The question is, what is Townie Records?

You can find the answer here. You would be very much interested if you are a musician or singer and want to do a record.
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Free “Save Limewire” T-Shirt

Remember Limewire? You should if you have been downloading music through P2P freely.

Support them by requesting a Free “Save Limewire” T-Shirt.

On October 26, 2010, a judge of the Federal Court of the United States issued a permanent injunction which in effect forced the closure of LimeWire by preventing the searching, downloading, uploading, file trading and/or file distribution functionality of the Limewire software.

Will you give them your support?

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Free T-Shirt

Register and receive a Free T-Shirt from

There are a lot of schools which are trying to attract students. is offering Free T-shirts to draw interest in their programs.
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Free Farmville T-Shirts

If you are a fan of Farmville, you might be able to get a Free Farmville T-shirt, I’d rather be farming or I’m a Farmville chick.

75,000 Farmville T-shirts will be giving away FREE on October 24th.

All you have to do is “LIKE” their page and invite all your FarmVille friends by clicking “Suggest to Friends” above.

Then select the design and size that you want. And you will be sent the T-shirt.
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Free American Apparel T-Shirt

American Apparel is giving away Free T-shirts.

You have 2 choices: The Drirelease T or Sublimation T.

Offer valid for 2 weeks only.
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