Free Glad Compostable Bag

Get a Free Glad Compostable Bag.

Yes the problem with most garbage bags are they are not compostable and pose an environmental concern.

Some municipalities are encouraging its residents to use compostable bags.

Will you participate?
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Free Glad Forceflex Bags

Would you like to try the Free bags of Glad Forceflex?

You can if you are members of Sam’s Club.

If you are not. you can become a member but you have to pay a membership fee.

Joining Sam’s club or Costco is only worth it if you have one in your area and you buy a lot.
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Glad & Tide Samples

You can request samples of Glad Odor shield trash bags with Febreze freshness and Tide Acti-Lift detergent.

These are nice freebies. So if you are interested, get them before they are all gone.
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