Free Copy Of La Manga Illustrated

Do you like Manga?

You can get a Free Copy Of La Manga Illustrated but it has nothing to do with Manga.

La Manga illustrated is a magazine for golf enthusiasts. But why on earth would they call their magazine La Manga?

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Free 6-Golf Ball Penta TP Pack

TaylorMadeGolf is giving away 50,000 6-ball Penta TP packs.

To receive it you need to sign up and you must be playing 3 or more rounds each month or has 15 or lower index/handicap or you currently play one of these tournaments:
Bridgestone B330, B330 RX, B330 RXS, B330S; Callaway Tour is, Tour iz, Tour ix; Titleist ProV1, ProV1X; Nike 20XI, 20XI-X; Nike One Black, One Tour, One TourD, One Platinum; and Srixon Z-Star, Z-Star XV

If you are a golf fan and fulfil the above conditions, you might be able to receive the Free golf balls.
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Free Sleeve Of Michelob Ultra Golf Balls

If you enjoy golf and beer, maybe you might want to check this offer from Michelob Ultra.

Michelob Ultra is offering free sleeve of Michelob Ultra golf balls.

Just request it and you will receive a coupon entitling you for a free sleeve of golf balls.

Offer expires June 21, 2010.
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Free Tee-Shaker

This freebie is for business companies, who want to advertise their brands.

Every golfer knows how painful it can be when he bends down to pick up the ball and suddenly feel some nasty tees in his pocket pricking his leg.

Solution: Use a free Tee-Shaker which will keep your tees for you and you don’t have to worry about damaged pockets in trousers or pain in the legs.

As a business company this is a great opportunity to reach those golfers with a Tee-Shaker with your brand or logo on it.
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