Free Ying Yang Keychain

The Houston Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy is giving away Free Ying Yang Keychains.

If you are interested, send in your name and address.

If you live in the area, you might want to join their Kung Fu classes.
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Free Cap, Leather Gloves Or Keychain From International Advantage

If you join International Advantage, you can receive a Free Cap, Leather Gloves Or Keychain.

As a member you would enjoy money-saving tips and discounts on parts and service, free subscription to Trail Magazine and insights and a member’s monthly e-newsletter.

Join now.
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Free Victim2 Keychain Light

Greenstein & Milbauer, a personal injury law firm, is offering Free Victim2 Keychain Light.

If you are interested to know more about what the company does, fill in the form and you will receive a Free flashlight.
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Free Floating Keychain

Knight EZ Dock is offering a Free Floating Keychain.

The company manufactures floating docks which can be assembled. It is simple and is of low maintenance design.

If you are interested in the floating keychain, send in your name and address.
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Free Keychain Flashlights is offering 10 Free Keychain Flashlights daily.

If you are interested, follow their instructions carefully. You need to enter a code F299 and then choose “I have paid before” as paying method.

It can be very difficult to access the website but if you keep trying you will eventually get in.

Since they give only 10 keychain flashlights a day, you may have to try several days before you are among the first ten.

I like the wording on the keychain:

“Don’t expect a Great Day, make one!”
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Free Mini Screwdrivers Keychains

If you are interested in getting a Free Mini Screwdrivers Keychains, go to SpotDeals Facebook page, LIKE it (click on the Like button) and tell your facebook friends why you like us (please say something nice so that your friends won’t be scared of us).

After that just email us at with your name and address, telling us what you did, and we”ll send you the 3-in-1 mini screwdrivers keychain.

This screwdriver keychain is great as it has 3 different screwdrivers in it and can be very helpful when you require something to help you fix a problem.

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Free 24 Layer PCB Keychain

Saturn Electronics is offering a Free Multilayer PCB Keychain.

Saturn Electronics manufactures bare printed circuit boards.

If you like to get the free keychain, just register at their website.
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Free Hard Hat Keychain

Altamira Construction is giving away Free keychains.

The hard hat keychains are actually quite cute.

If you are in the construction business, having one of those keychains will definitely give a hint that you are a builder passionate.
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Free Bottle Opener Keychain

Ozzy T-Shirts shop is offering Free Bottle Opener keychains.

They’re made from extra-thick stainless steel with an exquisite jewelry-quality brushed finish.

If you are interested in getting one and stop using your teeth to open a bottle, simply send in your name and address.

Ozzy T-Shirts shop is offering also a Free pink T-shirt if you are interested.

Browse through the products offered by Ozzy T-Shirts shop and their T-shirts are really quite funny.
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Free Keychain

Truckcare is offering a Free keychain if you register at Peterbilt.

You will also receive truck offers from Peterbilt. Of course you are not obligated to buy them.

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Free Personalized Tiffany-style key chain

eGiftsite is offering a Free personalized “Tiffany-style” key chain if you answer a few questions.

This sounds very nice and it will probably go fast.

So give it a try and you might end up with a very nice keychain with your name or the name of the person you love.

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Free Telescope Keychain

The Sun Explosion Astronomy club is offering a Free telescope keychain.

You have to participate in surveys where you can earn some money and get more free offers.

But you can cancel if you are not interested.

It’s more of a marketing thing.

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