Free Texas Jar Opener

Having problem opening up jars?

Why not get a Free Texas Jar Opener from Yovia?

The rubber jar openers are made from recycled tires and are shaped like the state of Texas.
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Free Stainless Steel Spatula

HiTechKitchenware is offering a Free Stainless Steel Spatula.

If you like to get one, simply submit your name and address.

This is a very nice freebie, which can be used in the kitchen.

This is the second feebie from HiTechKitchenware. The first one was a nice stainless steel can opener.
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Free Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

Hi-tech Kitchenware is offering Free Stainless Steel Bottle Openers.

If you would like to receive one, simply send in the form with your name and address.

Anything which is made of stainless steel lasts a long time.
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