Cheap Mobile Phone Plan


If you have a mobile phone just for the sake of emergency, you probably make very few calls. Most mobile phone plans would not suit your purpose. You would be overspending.

The cheapest one is from Fido, $10 a month. It is prepaid airtime. Even though each call costs 30 cents, you would probably end up with a lot of money in the account after a year and you would need to renew each month to avoid losing it.

What is the solution?

Use SpeakOut from 7-Eleven. You buy time for $25 and it expires in a year. So if you barely make or receive phone calls, you would be spending at most $25.

Free Keyring – Let Freedom Ring

Do a short survey and you”ll receive a Free Keyring – Let Freedom Ring.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The keyring not only looks nice but shows you are proud to be an American citizen.
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Free 3 SIM Card

Affordable mobiles is offering a free 3 SIM card with £10 airtime, 300 free texts, 100 MB of internet, Internet messenger, unlimited 3 to 3 calls and free Skype.

And for every order placed, they’ll send you up to two 3 SIM Cards; one for you and one for your friend.

So if you have a mobile phone which has no SIM card, you can get this free SIM card to be used on it.

You even have £10 airtime. What can you ask for more?
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