Free Sample Of Bio3 Organic Rooibos Tea

Do you know that Rooibos Tea contains a natural antihistamine that helps build up the body’s immune system and fight allergens?

Why not request a Free Sample Of Bio3 Organic Rooibos Tea and try it?

Bio3 Organic Rooibos Tea is rich in antioxidants and has been known to reduce cellular damage and neutralize free radicals that contribute to aging.

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Free Cook’s Garden Catalogue

Spring is here! If you enjoy gardening and trying new vegetables or plants, you can request the Free Cook’s Garden Catalogue.

Especially for those who love organic food, you have a variety of organic plants which can provide you a supply of organic food at reasonable price.

There are also nice recipes which you can use.

Use code: HERB10 to receive a discount of 10% (orders of $30 or more till April 12th, 2011).
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Free Sample Of Eden Organic Tea

If you are interested in receiving a Free Sample Of Eden Organic Tea, call 1-888-424-3336 or email them at, letting them know that you would like to receive a sample.

Eden is the oldest natural and organic food company in North America and the largest independent manufacturer of dry grocery organic foods.
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$5 Gift Card For Peel Organic Survey

Peeled Snacks is introducing the New Peeled Organic Fruit pouches.

If you complete a survey before January 17, 2011,you will receive a $5 Gift card.

You will also be entered in a raffle for a a box filled with all the new snacks. A winner will randomly be selected on 1/18/11.

These multi-serving, resealable pouches are packed with gently-dried organic fruit.

They have no sugar or preservatives; they’re gluten free, and provide a natural source of fiber and vitamins.
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Coconut Bamboo Soap Dish $1 – Today Only!

If you like an exotic soap dish for your bathroom, you can buy a Coconut Bamboo soap dish for for $1 only at Pangeaorganics today.

It is a One Day Sale. The regular price for the coconut bamboo soap dish is $6. You save $5.

If you are reading this this after the sale of over, we feel bad for you.

Try to drop by everyday so that you dont miss anything.
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Free Stuff From Organic Valley

Organic Valley is offering Free stuff if you sign up for their newsletter.

You can get for Free the Rootstock Magazine, a Kid’s Activity Booklet, a Go Organic! bumper sticker, and a booklet of Organic Valley coupons.

We personally love organic. The products are healthier and tastier. The only downside is that they can be relatively very expensive.

Join the Organic Valley and use their coupons to get the prices down.
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Free Sample From Greenmommy

Do you have babies? Are you concerned for their health and welfare?

Greenmommy is offering Free samples to anyone who registers at their website.

You will also receive money saving coupons, and promotional offers.

Greenmommy’s purpose is to provide new mothers and fathers with natural, organic, safe choices for themselves and their babies.
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Free Samples Of Organic Wallaby Yogurts

You can take part in in trying and reviewing, with your group of moms, Free Samples of Organic Wallaby Yogurts.

They will be shipping Free coupons of the product in early March.

If you are interested, let them know.

The Organic Wallaby yogurts have its origin in Australia. They must be real good to be brought to the States.
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Free Sample of Ecosmart Organic Pesticide


Pesticides are dangerous! They are been banned in many parts of the world.

How to get rid of pests and bugs?

Ecosmart organic pesticides are safe for children and animals. They have no toxic residue.

But how effective are they?

To find out you need to try it. Ecosmart is offering a FREE sample to the first 500 who respond to its offer.
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Free 2008 Pocket Guide to Choosing Organic

Interested in organic food?

Earthbound Farm is trying to raise $20,000 for Healthy Child Healthy World.

Take their Healthy Family Quiz and if you get all the answers correct, you’ll win their newsletter with $1.75 in Earthbound Farm coupons, plus their 2008 Pocket Guide to Choosing Organic, to help you purchase delicious and healthy organic produce.

They will then donate $1 to Healthy Child Healthy World, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting children and families from harmful environmental exposures through cleaner, greener, and safer lifestyles.

Help them reach their goal of donating $20,000.

Click to take part in the quiz.

HURRY — the first 9,000 quiz winners will also receive coupons worth $3.30 off delicious Horizon Organic dairy products!