Free Pens, Magnets, Posters, Decals & Brochures – Life Goes On!

Jesse White, the Illinois Secretary of State, has made it a priority to educate the genaral public about the benefits of organ and tissue donation.

He has developed a comprehensive list of materials to assist you in your efforts to help raise awareness for donation.


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1,000 Free Bic Pens Daily Giveaway

Bic is offering 1,000 Free Easy Glide pens everyday.

Only the first 1,000 who register will receive a sample of the pen.

So if you missed it, try tomorrow and be early (a day is 12:00:00 PM EST to 11:59:59 AM EST).

We wish you luck in getting the Bic Easy Glide pen.

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Free Pens

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Request your FREE PENS.

No matter how geeky we are, we still need a pen in our life. Not that we are in love with it or we cannot live without one, but we need a pen to record information.

Our brain is simply not reliable or powerful enough to retain all those information.

So get your Free Pen and let it do the job.

All you have to do is to send in your email address with your postal address and submit a comment on any post on this blog (See Leave a reply at the bottom of the page).

You can mention what you like, what you have received as freebies, or inform us about a great deal or discount you are aware of.

You can also tell us what you dislike too … even if that doesn’t make us too happy. We will try to improve on it.

You will be sent a Free Pen in the coming weeks.

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